About salon

LaserVille is a laser hair removal salon where you can say goodbye to unwanted vegetation for a long time period.

Unfortunately, not all types of depilation are effective, safe and comfortable, but laser hair removal on the Italian DEKA device will meet all expectations. The procedure is absolutely safe and painless. DEKA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment. The procedure takes place without warming up the skin, is suitable for any hair color and skin type, and is even compatible with tanning. The device is certified in Europe and Ukraine. After the procedure, you will get the most ideal result. Your skin will forget about irritation and ingrown hairs.


Services provided by the salon:
- Laser epilation of legs;
- Laser epilation of hands;
- Laser hair removal bikini;
- Armpit laser hair removal;
- Laser epilation of the face;
- Laser epilation of the back;
- Laser epilation of the abdomen;
- Laser hair removal for men.


The epilation procedure is carried out by experienced masters only with a high level of professional skills and medical education, who have all the necessary certificates for completing a laser hair removal course from DEKA.

Allow yourself the best, eliminate inconveniences and restrictions, choose laser hair removal in the LaserVille salon.


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