About rating

We understand that you chose the specialist with high responsibility. We want you to make the right choice and take great pleasure in spending time in the salon. Therefore we created the honest rating system.

How is the rating formed?

Beauty places rating

After visiting the salon, every customer can leave a comment about the beauty place, specialist and service. The assessment is on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Every customer can also add the comment. We don’t delete angry or bad reviews. Everything is honest.

If a person didn’t like the service, or if the salon was dirty, all these points the customer can mention in his review. As a result, this comment also affect the salon’s rating. The same thing happens with the positive review. If this salon provided the best service in your life and you really want to visit this place again, you can mention all the positive features in your review. Five stars = bigger salon’s rating.

Don’t forget, that your comments help other people make the right choice.

Specialist’s rating

Leave the positive comment in case your specialist provided fantastic service. The best manicure in your life? The most creative haircut? The most polite specialist? You can give 5 stars to the specialist without any doubts. But when you were not satisfied or especially if you became angry because of the specialist, mention all this in your comment.

How are reviews taken? And who can leave them?

Every customer can add his review by himself on our website. The only thing you need is to enter your phone number. After that step of verification, you can assess the specialist or beauty place and leave a comment about the last procedure you’ve visited. But you can leave a comment about one procedure only once.
If you have no opportunity to add a review by yourself, you always can share your opinion with our manager of the call-center. We did our best to provide an honest rating system. Therefore the feedback can be added only by the customer, who have visited the salon during the last month.

Can beauty place influence on rating?

That’s out of the question. MyBeauty stands only for honest comments and rating system. The right to give feedback has only the customer and nobody else. The only way salons can have an impact on their rating is to improve service.