About salon

TURMALIN is a small cozy beauty studio where the main priority is the comfort of clients, both physically and socially. After all, a beauty studio is not just haircuts, styling, etc. According to the staff, the client’s feelings from the service itself and the master, as well as the overall impression of the entire salon, also play a huge role. That is why in TURMALIN, starting from the threshold, there is a unique atmosphere that will brighten up even the most cloudy day at any time of the year. The staff is always ready to support a sincere conversation over a cup of tea or coffee with those who want to socialize, or not to disturb those who have dived into the depths of thought.

Range of services:

  • - Hairdressing services:
  • - Haircuts (women's/men's/children's);
  • - styling;
  • - staining;
  • - Hair care;
  • - Bixiplasty;


  • - Manicure (female\male);
  • - Pedicure (female/male, acidic/classic);
  • - Extension with gel, strengthening with acrygel;


  • - nude;
  • - Evening;
  • - Day;
  • - Cocktail;
  • - Wedding;

Eyebrow care:

  • - Correction;
  • - Coloring;
  • - Lamination.


Taking into account all existing sanitary standards, including those regarding compliance with the quarantine regime, the masters of the studio pay an important role to the processing of all equipment. All instruments undergo a full four-stage sterilization using a modern medical AUTOCLAVE (a device that is used in the medical field to disinfect surgical instruments). The salon room undergoes quartz processing throughout the day, after each client. Wet cleaning and disinfection are carried out, and only certified products are used.

TURMALIN especially values ​​​​its customers, therefore, the studio has all the necessary conditions for a pleasant pastime: a cozy waiting area, free Wi-Fi, aromatic tea or coffee. Also, the institution has developed a loyalty system for regular customers. It is possible to purchase gift certificates of various denominations and please your loved ones with a relevant and always pleasant gift!


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