About salon

"NEW VIS" beauty&spa is a salon that offers underwater hydro-vacuum massage services for everyone who wants to relax and spend quality time. Having visited the "NEW VIS" beauty&spa, everyone will leave the salon refreshed, relaxed, feeling the harmony of body and soul. You can sign up for the following procedures at the salon:

  • - hydro-vacuum underwater massage;
  • - T-SHOCK bandage wrap;
  • - chromotherapy;
  • - hydro-aero massage;
  • - hydro-aero massage "Pearl Bath";
  • - "Thalgo" milky pearl bath.

They offer effective services and thoughtful additional services (manual massages, body wraps). The masters of "NEW VIS" beauty&spa are true professionals, they treat each visitor very carefully and attentively.

Hydromassage has an amazing effect on the nervous system, relieving tension, stress, improving sleep, normalizing blood circulation and blood pressure.


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