About salon

The girls laser is safe hair removal and impeccable service. The salon uses new generation devices, the laser beam acts on active follicles and does not damage other tissues. Complete hair removal can be achieved within a year and you can forget about the razor forever.

Who is the salon for?

The problem of unwanted vegetation is faced equally by men and women. The girls laser will gladly help both. The laser equipment of the salon is powerful enough to completely remove coarse and densely growing male hair on the beard, back, abdomen, chest, legs, arms and other areas necessary for the client.

Women undergo laser hair removal:

  • - armpits;
  • - shins and thighs;
  • - hands;
  • - bikini zones;
  • - buttocks;
  • - upper lip
  • - abdomen;
  • - fingers and toes;
  • - neckline and other areas.

Hair removal without pain - it's real

Epilation is usually associated with pain, but laser procedures at The girls laser are, on the contrary, pleasant. The MedicaLaser device provides cooling of the handpiece (that part of the technique that directly touches the body). Therefore, when the master runs it over the body, instead of burning, you feel coolness, as if a piece of ice had been passed over the skin.

The procedure of laser hair removal is quick and imperceptible for the client. Lying on a soft couch with a warm blanket, you can feel the beauty of salon procedures and relax. The cosmetologist will carefully carry out the necessary manipulations, conduct a detailed briefing on skin care and explain all the questions that arise.

At The girls laser, the comfort and safety of the client comes first

For each client, individual covers, shoe covers and sheets are used once. The nozzles are regularly treated with disinfectants, and delicate antiseptics and hypoallergenic lotions are used for the skin.


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