About salon

The undoubted advantage of The Girls Hairdressers salon on Obolon is a cozy interior, a delicious assortment of drinks and a bookcrossing cabinet where you can always find useful and interesting books. Services in the salon are offered separately and in sets.

The salon offers the following sets of beauty services:

  • - Morning set (styling and light makeup);
  • - Day set (styling and makeup);
  • - Evening set (styling and evening make-up);
  • - Art set (creation of creative and masquerade images);
  • - Wedding set (hair and makeup).


Hair specialists use the products of the French brand La Biostetique and the Danish brand ID-hair in their work. The hairdressing department keeps abreast of fashion trends and regularly organizes refresher courses for the entire team. Nail technicians can offer a large selection of Minx film coatings, as well as high-end gel polishes. In the salon of The Girls on Obolon, all instruments are thoroughly sterilized. Make-up artists and brow artists use the products of well-known brands M.A.C., L`Ocean and Sleek, which guarantees the durability and quality of makeup.


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