About salon

The masters of the LAMPA BEAUTY BAR salon are professionals in their field. They are for development and improvement, so all specialists periodically raise their qualifications at specialized courses and master classes.

The staff of the salon always goes to meet their customers. For example, she practices services in 4 hands: manicure + pedicure, manicure + coloring.

Services you can get at LAMPA BEAUTY BAR:

  • - haircuts;
  • - staining;
  • - Hair straightening;
  • - Spa - procedures for hair restoration;
  • - Manicure and pedicure;
  • - Eyebrow correction and coloring;
  • - Eyebrow lamination.

They are also ready to adjust the work schedule for clients, if necessary. You will be met by a smiling administrator and talented craftsmen. And throughout the visit you will be in a pleasant atmosphere.


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