About salon

The Calma Dentro massage studio is not an ordinary establishment, it is a real family. Massage for masters is not just a job, it is a source of inspiration. Specialists work in different techniques, including classic, relaxation, toning and others. In total, the salon offers more than 20 types of massage. One of the most popular massages is a couples massage, during which two visitors at once get pleasure from professionals in their field.


The main types of massage in the studio:

  • - General classical massage of legs, back and arms;
  • - Lymphatic drainage massage;
  • - Modeling massage;
  • - Anticellulite massage;
  • - Sports massage;
  • - Massage in 4 hands;
  • - Relax massage + author's peeling of the whole body;
  • - Spanish massage;
  • - Swedish massage;
  • - Aroma massage;
  • - General massage with essential oils;
  • - Relax massage with coconut oil;
  • - General relaxation massage with olive oil;
  • - Massage for pregnant women;
  • - Facial massage;
  • - Children's massage.


The Calma Dentro massage studio provides everything you need for the treatments free of charge. During the procedure, specialists use natural oils and other means, they may offer to light scented candles. Masseurs strive to create the most pleasant atmosphere so that each visitor can trust the master and enjoy the process.

Calma Dentro is Spanish for "calm within". The founders of the salon put the ideology of the institution into this name. The staff of the studio is constantly developing and improving their skills. The experience of masters is from 6 to 12 years, in addition to constant practice, they expand their knowledge at specialized courses and master classes.


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