About salon

The DISSI manicure and pedicure studio is a modern and super bright aesthetic manicure and pedicure studio in Kyiv. With the MyBeauty online appointment service, you can sign up for the following services:


  • - eyelash/eyebrow lamination;
  • - eyebrow correction and coloring;
  • - eyebrow modeling;
  • - permanent make-up of lips/arrows/eyebrows/eyelashes;
  • - manicure/pedicure complex;
  • - modeling/extension of nails of different lengths;
  • - correction of gel nails;
  • - hygienic manicure for women/men/children;
  • - hygienic pedicure for women/men/children;
  • - design: simple/complex/art painting;
  • - paraffin therapy;
  • - treatment of onycholysis;
  • - removal of an ingrown nail;
  • - treatment of cracks on the heel.

Each procedure is performed with individually selected high-quality materials. Masters develop unique designs, choose the shape of nails and make hands well-groomed and attractive. Immerse yourself in an incredible nails atmosphere that will accompany you throughout your stay in the studio.


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