About salon

SayNoMo - European-style salon

SayNoMo is a cozy manicure and aesthetics salon, where high European standards are followed. The founders of the salon sought to create a space of a new format, in which every detail speaks of quality and professionalism - from the use of safe vegan cosmetics to a beautiful location. The beauty salon is filled with pleasant aromas and music, transferring each client to an atmosphere of aesthetics and sophistication. The institution took care of modern ventilation, advanced equipment and safe cosmetics.

Experienced and qualified professionals

SayNoMo masters are people who came to the profession by vocation. Their professionalism and talent help to create unique and sophisticated images. The founder of the salon makes sure that the staff constantly develops their abilities, therefore, personal and group master classes are regularly held.

Manicure and pedicure specialists listen to the wishes of their clients, trying to understand the mood, character and preferences. And then they offer unique nail design options that will harmoniously fit into the overall style. In their work, specialists use non-toxic cruelty-free nail polishes and gels, and they are ready to provide certificates of product quality.

To cover the nails I use products from brands:

  • - Evo (environmental gel polishes);
  • - Bio Sculpture;
  • - Fedua;
  • - Luxio.


SayNoMo offers procedures for the care of hands and feet - paraffin socks and gloves, Voesh collagen gloves and socks, and Mani in a Box vitamin care. Also in the beauty salon SayNoMo there are services of make-up, eyebrow and eyelash care, permanent makeup, depilation and massage.


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