About salon

A person with taste is someone who does not compromise even in small things. He knows how to distinguish the good from the best. If these words describe you, Ruffade is at your service!

When you come to Ruffade Barbershop, you will not get a haircut, as you can get it anywhere. A completely unique atmosphere, care, the highest quality and a charge of self-confidence.

Ruffade Barbershop is a comfortable, atmospheric and cozy place where you will feel like you are in the company of your best friends.

Ruffade provides the following types of services:

  • - Haircut for men and children;
  • - beard trim;
  • - styling;
  • - Royal shave;
  • - Camouflage of the beard and head;
  • - Set "Father and Son".


Quality and ambience is what Ruffade Barbershop is always striving for. Masters will definitely pay attention to your style, it is important for them that you remain in a good mood and satisfaction from what you see in the mirror.

The barbershop uses only high-quality products that you can also purchase. A wide range of care products - shampoos, balms and beard oils! Also styling products, gels, waxes, etc.

Together with the masters of Ruffade Barbershop, you will be able to pick up a new style and create a cool image from scratch, you just need to trust the professionals in their field.


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