About salon

Every detail in the Kika-style salon is designed to inspire. This is a space that draws in the atmosphere of high style and fashion. Here you will get flawless selfies and even entire photo shoots. The institution is a favorite place for filming popular TV projects. A comfortable stay is provided by high-quality Japanese equipment Takara Belmont.


Special attention deserves the staff of the salon, which consists exclusively of their recognized professionals. The masters of the studio tirelessly attend training courses from the best gurus in Europe in the field of beauty, and also teach the basics of their craft themselves and are valuable experts. Kika-style specialists do not need to follow trends, as they themselves actively develop and improve them. To realize the level of professionalism of the Kika-style team is possible only by getting to them for the desired service.


What types of services are provided in the Kika-style salon:

  • - Lamination and deep hair treatment;
  • - Luxurious hairstyles and model haircuts;
  • - Hair coloring in all known techniques;
  • - Ideal eyebrow modeling and eyelash care procedures;
  • - Aero make-up and permanent make-up;
  • - Cosmetic procedures and non-invasive anti-age methods of rejuvenation;
  • - Shugaring and epilation;
  • - Tattoo removal and permanent makeup;
  • - Manicure and medical pedicure;
  • - Modeling La Ric nails;
  • - Endosphere therapy and various types of massage;
  • - Exit service.


Cosmetic procedures are carried out by specialists with medical education. Endosphere therapy and massages are provided by the head coach of Endospheras Therapy in Ukraine. For procedures, the best cosmetics from Japan, the USA, France, Switzerland and Italy are used.

In Kika-style, emphasis is placed on the effectiveness of procedures and the complete satisfaction of the client's requests. Masters choose the best modern methods and techniques. The salon inspires with the level of service and professionalism.


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