About salon

Es Bueno Beauty Salon has been operating in the beauty services market for over 10 years. We have served thousands of customers and confidently declare that we are able to satisfy the wishes of any, the most demanding customer. Our salon offers the widest range of various services of the beauty industry. Among them, the most popular are:

  • - haircuts;
  • - makeup;
  • - manicure;
  • - pedicure;
  • - hair extension;
  • - eyelash extension;
  • - a wide range of relaxation treatments, such as massages.


Programs of discounts and promotional offers that correspond to the current season are constantly available to customers.

The democratic nature of the price range attracts clients from other districts of the capital, who often visit our procedures. In addition to experience, professionalism and the best prices, we are constantly improving the skills of our specialists - they regularly attend advanced training courses from domestic and foreign masters.

Also, the Es Bueno beauty salon follows technical and recipe trends as clearly as possible, which is why we use new technologies and bioadditives for beauty procedures.


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