About salon

The private office of Dmitry Karevsky offers the services of a massage therapist - a universal esthetician. This place is irreplaceable if you need a quality massage.

Dmitry works with body correction and also relieves pain in the back, lower back and other problem areas.

The advantages of Dmitry Karevsky’s private office also include:

  • - safety. Before each guest, the master thoroughly disinfects the massage table and uses a disposable covering.
  • - price and quality. An adequate price for services is always pleasing ;)
  • - flexibility and focus on customer interests. The master knows how to hear your request and understand your need (after all, everyone has their own). He works individually so that you get the best results in the shortest possible time.


If necessary, a specialist can travel to the customer’s premises with his equipment. Dmitry Karevsky practices an individual approach for each client, which means you will definitely be satisfied.


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