About salon

Cosmetology office of Anastasia Goncharenko a wide range of cosmetology services. With the help of the MyBeauty service, you can sign up for the following procedures:

- comprehensive skin care (dry, oily, age-related, sensitive);
- prevention and treatment of acne, acne, skin hyperpigmentation;
- ultrasonic, mechanical and combined cleaning of the skin;
- chemical peels;
- non-injection mesotherapy;
- facial massages.


Cosmetologist-esthetician Anastasia has over 7 years of experience in cosmetology. Anastasia works exclusively on professional cosmetics of well-known brands: GIGI, JANSSEN, DMK, VALMONT, ERICSON LABORATOIRE, RENEW, MEDI+DERMA, ACADEMIE, CASMARA. Therefore, you should not worry about the quality of the result. Anastasia loves and appreciates every client. The cosmetologist guarantees maximum service and high quality of services.


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