About salon

Laser Ville is a business class laser hair removal center. The main specialization of the salon is the removal of unwanted hair through laser hair removal. A distinctive feature of Laser Ville is the use of high-quality modern equipment from the Italian company DEKA, which implements Moveo technology.

If you decide to sign up for hair removal, we advise you to read the recommendations regarding the preparation for the procedure:


  • 24 hours before the procedure, it is necessary to remove hair from the epilated area with a razor;
  • During the day before the procedure, it is not recommended to apply creams, oils and lotions to the epilated area;
  • Avoid active tanning for 5 days before the procedure. Also, it is contraindicated and a visit to the solarium at the specified time.


This technology is based on 4 main principles - efficiency, speed, safety and simplicity - and makes the epilation process quick and painless. Moveo technology allows you to epilate any part of the body, including especially sensitive areas, and this procedure has a high safety record.


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