About salon

BARRACUDA BARBERSHOP is an atmospheric place for men who want to look well-groomed and stylish. The salon offers hairdressing and barber services. Also, young gentlemen are always welcome in the institution, who will get a beautiful haircut, including lightning and patterns.

BARRACUDA barbers have solid experience and high qualifications. It is important for them that every haircut is done flawlessly. Masters strive to emphasize the individuality of the client and emphasize the strengths of the appearance.

Each procedure in the barbershop is carried out with carefully disinfected tools. Masters use high-quality shampoos, gels and other men's cosmetics for grooming and healing hair.

The barbershop provides the following services:

  • - Men's and children's haircuts;
  • - Haircuts of a beard and mustache;
  • - Shaving with a dangerous razor;
  • - Hair styling.


Barbershop BARRACUDA is located in the metro area Exhibition Center. To enjoy professional care, just sign up for the service you need.


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