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Salon on the street Vadim Hetmana St., 30, is a premium-class facility whose main specialty is the removal of unwanted hair. The salon uses high-quality DEKA equipment and advanced MOVEO technology. You can contact us by phone number: 097 756 15 58
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All LaserVille specialists have a medical education and must have all the necessary qualifications to use professional equipment. They are careful and attentive in their work, always perform procedures flawlessly and delight visitors with excellent results. Now, in LaserVille, there is a 50% discount on the higher-priced zone,  on the first visit.

LaserVille is an international network of laser hair removal centers. We have salons in Kyiv and now in Warsaw. In today's conditions, all our salons do not depend on turning off the lights, we work with generators, so you can plan your recording without hesitation and not worry that the power outage will destroy your plans.
In Warsaw, you can find us at: al. Jana Pawła II 27 Nowa Wola, Warszawa, Poland.
You can contact us at +48 573 504 310
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Therefore, we will gladly meet every visitor and choose the most convenient location for you.

Before the laser hair removal procedure using the alexandrite laser using Moveo technology, it is recommended to:

  • - Shave unwanted hair 24 hours before the session;
  • - Do not apply creams, lotions, oils and alcohol-containing substances;
  • - 3-5 days before the procedure, avoid active tanning and solarium.

Moveo technology is considered dynamic epilation, the procedure is quick and painless, thanks to the sapphire nozzle, which cools down to 15 degrees. The result will be noticeable already after the first session. This technology also works with fair hair and any skin phototype, which allows you to remove hair even from problematic and sensitive areas.


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